County Administration

  1. County Manager

    County Manager

    The mission of Maricopa County is to provide regional leadership and fiscally responsible, necessary public services so that residents can enjoy living in a healthy and safe community.

  2. Boards & Commissions

    Boards & Commissions

    Get information about the boards and commissions with administrative authority in the county.

  3. Clerk of the Board of Supervisors

    Clerk of the Board of Supervisors

    The Clerk of the Board serves the Board of Supervisors and citizens of Maricopa County in several areas, including maintaining all Boards of Supervisors' meetings, minutes, agendas, and records.

  4. County Officers

    County Officers

    Meet the officials elected or appointed to leadership roles in Maricopa County.

  5. Internal Audit

    Internal Audit

    The mission of Internal Audit is to provide objective information on the County's system of internal controls to the Board of Supervisors so they can make informed decisions and protect the interests of County citizens.

  6. Judicial Branch

    Judicial Branch

    Get information about the Judicial Branch of Maricopa County.