Training & Education

Public Health provides a variety of training and educational opportunities for health professionals as well as others, including parents and caregivers. Internship and volunteer opportunities are also available. 
  1. Child Care Online Education

    Maricopa County Child Care Nurse Consultants are pleased to present these online training modules.

  2. CMS Emergency Preparedness Planning

    Medicare regulations governing the operations of Surgical Centers Medicare-certified facilities require the facilities to establish initial and on-going annual communication with the local Emergency Operations Center.

  3. Community Health Nursing Education

    The Office of Community Health Nursing proudly serves the public of Maricopa County in providing free training and community resources to the public, health care community, childcare and educational facilities.

  4. Internships & Volunteers

    Apply here for internship and volunteer opportunities with the Maricopa County Departmenf of Public Health.

  5. Online Education Courses

    Here you can find a list of educational web courses for healthcare providers.

  6. Oral Health & Tobacco Use

  7. Parent Ambassadors

    The Parent Ambassador program is designed to equip parents and guardians in Maricopa County with basic principles of public health and how they can create needed change in their local school districts.