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Floodplain Directory of Documents

Maricopa County

Arizona State Agency

Federal Emergency Management Agency

United States Army Corps of Engineers

United States Geological Survey


Maricopa County

100-Year FEMA Effective and Preliminary Floodplain Maps, FCDMC

Capital Improvement Program (CIP), FCDMC

Comprehensive Floodplain Management Plan and Program Report, 2009

Drainage Design Management System Software, FCDMC

Drainage Design Manual for Maricopa County, Erosion Control (Draft)

Drainage Design Manual for Maricopa County, Hydraulics

Drainage Design Manual for Maricopa County, Hydrology

Drainage Policies and Standards for Maricopa County, Arizona

Estimating Manning's Roughness Coefficients for Stream Channels & Floodplains in Maricopa County
(Document available from the District's Library)

Floodplain Regulations for Maricopa County

Legal Authority Assessment Reference

Piedmont Flood Hazard Assessment for Flood Plain Management in Maricopa County
(Document available from the District's Library)

Rio Verde Area Drainage Master Plan 2-Diensional Modeling Map

Studies (ADMS, ADMP, FDS, and WCMP), Projects, or Structures information can be found on the District's web site several ways:
    Alphabetical listing of Projects, Structures, and Studies
    Interactive Map Locator
    Library Catalog Search


Arizona State Agency

Arizona Executive Order 77-6: Floodplain Management

Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 48, Chapter 21, Flood Control Districts

Handbook for Arizona Communities on Floodplain Management and the National Flood Insurance Program October 1, 2000

Office of Manufactured Homes (OMH), Arizona

ADWR State Standards


Federal Emergency Management Agency

Answers to Questions about Substantially Damages Buildings, FEMA-213

Appeal, Revisions, and Amendments to the NFIP, MitDiv-12 (used to be FIA-12)

Code of Federal Regulations, Title 44, Chapter I, Federal Emergency Management Agency
    All Available CFR Titles on GPO Access
    CFR Annual Edition (until October 1, 2011 select 2010 for most current Title 44)

Elevated Residential Structures, FEMA-54

Elevation Certificate form and instructions

Endangered Species Act (ESA) information

Engineering Principles and Practices of Retrofitting Floodprone Residential Structures, FEMA-259

Floodproofing Non-Residential Structures FEMA-102

Guidelines & Specifications for Flood Hazard Mapping Partners, Executive Summary, Introduction, Volumes 1 through 3, and Appendices A through M

Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC) Coverage: Guidance for State and Local Officials, FEMA-301


Levee System Information

Managing Floodplain Development in Approximate Zone A Areas, FEMA-265

Map Service Center Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs), Flood Insurance Study, DFIRM Databases, National Flood Hazard Layer Database, Letters of Map Change (LOMC)

MT-2 Form, for Conditional Letters of Map revision and letters of Map Revision

MT-EZ Form, Single Residential Lot or Structure Amendments

National Flood Insurance Program, Community Rating System Coordinator's Manual, FIA-15

National Flood Insurance Program, Floodplain Management Requirements, A Study Guide and Desk Reference for Local Officials, FEMA 480

NFIP and Levees: An Overview fact Sheet

NFIP Technical Bulletins

Protecting Building Utilities From Flood Damage, FEMA-348

Protecting Manufactured Homes from Floods and Other Hazards, FEMA-85

Reducing Damage from Localized Flooding, FEMA-511

The Zone A Manual: Managing Floodplain Development in Approximate Zone A Areas


United States Army Corps of Engineers

Engineer Circulars

Engineer Manuals

Engineer Technical Letters

HEC-2, Water Surface Profiles, documentation

HEC GeoHMS, program and documentation

HEC-GeoRAS, program and documentation

HEC-HMS, Hydrologic Modeling System, program and documentation

HEC-RAS, River Analysis System, program and documentation

Hydrologic Engineering Center Publications to Download List

Official Publications of the Headquarters

Regulatory Permits


United States Geological Survey

Selection of Manning's Roughness Coefficient for Natural and Constructed Vegetated and Non-Vegetated Channels, and Vegetation Maintenance Plan Guidelines for Vegetated Channels in Central Arizona

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