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White Tanks FRS No. 3 Outlfall Channel

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• 1/20/2010

Project Contact: Gary Wesch - garywesch@mail.maricopa.gov
Region: W
District: 4 - Clint L. Hickman

In Fiscal Year 2006, the Flood Control District examined a series of alternatives associated with the rehabilitation of White Tanks Flood Retarding Structure (FRS) No.4. Project recommendations included an outfall channel from White Tanks FRS No.3 to White Tanks FRS No.4.

This project combines a soft structural channel and a box culvert along a five-mile stretch of Jackrabbit Trail to convey storm water from behind White Tanks FRS No.3 to White Tanks FRS No.4. The project provides additional protection from southeasterly storm water flows for properties located east of Jackrabbit Trail. From Camelback Road south to I-10, the project provides a 100-year level of protection. After completion of the future White Tanks FRS No.4 Outlet Channel project, storm water conveyed by this project will be conveyed to the Gila River.

The District anticipates completing the project unilaterally. Exclusive of future agreements, operations and maintenance of the completed project will be the District’s responsibility.

Multi-Use Path along Jackrabbit Trail

In conjunction with this project, the Flood Control District of Maricopa County (FCD) agreed to allow the Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department (Parks) operate a segment of the Maricopa Trail within an easement on the multi-use maintenance/service path.

During construction of the project, the multi-use path was paved by the contractor and used for construction prior to installation of fencing and gates. The path was open for use by the contractor; however, residents in the area also began using the path. The path was not intended to be open to the public until Parks assumes operation of the path. FCD cannot allow public use of the path prior to Parks securing the proper permits.

The project construction is nearly finished, and Parks and FCD are partnering to finalize permits to allow Parks to open certain segments of the path on March 1, 2013. The path will be open as soon as it is safe to do so, and the required permits and rights have been secured. New signage and unlocked gates will announce the opening of the path for public use.

Ultimately, the Maricopa Trail will connect outdoor enthusiasts from White Tank Mountain Regional Park in the northwest valley to Estrella Mountain Regional Park in the southwest valley.


Construction was completed in January 2013. In August and September 2013, monsoon storm events of high intensity eroded the White Tanks FRS3 Outfall Channel banks in a number of locations. Reinforcement of these locations has been completed.

Available Documents

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Site Analysis PDF 771 KB
Construction Newsletter - 01/2012 PDF 54.7 KB
Construction Newsletter - 04/2012 PDF 88.9 KB
Construction Newsletter - 06/2012 PDF 133.89KB
Construction Newsletter - 07/2011 PDF 60 KB
Construction Newsletter - 09/2011 PDF 48 KB
Construction Newsletter - 10/2011 PDF 48 KB
Construction Newsletter - 12/2011 PDF 28 KB
Drop Structure Concepts 1 PDF 381 KB
Drop Structure Concepts 2 PDF 409 KB
Headwall Concepts PDF 336 KB
Materials and Colors PDF 295 KB
Natural Form Channel PDF 340 KB
Outfall Channel Reach 1 PDF 2.89 MB
Outfall Channel Reach 2 PDF 2.84 MB
Outfall Channel Reach 3 PDF 3.15 MB
Project Area PDF 890.4 KB
Recreation Resources PDF 464 KB
Restricted Channel PDF 897 KB
Textures and Forms PDF 440 KB

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