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Rainfall Information

Rainfall Data & Maps
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The District has installed and maintains 312 precipitation gages throughout Maricopa and surrounding counties which measure the amount and timing of rainfall in real time. This data is transmitted to the District and stored on the base computers. The data may be viewed using the tools on this page in different formats such as tables, maps and graphs.

Quick Rain Maps

County Map Metro Area Maricopa County

Click in or outside the box at left to generate a map showing rainfall values for the past 24 hours. Due to space considerations, not all gages are displayed on either of these maps. For complete gage coverage, use the link at upper-right "Rainfall Data in Map Form."

Tabular Rainfall Reports

Daily Precipitation Report Daily, monthly and annual precipitation totals for all rain gages, sorted by amount, ending at 5:00AM each day
Precipitation Report for All FCDMC Rain Gages 6- and 24-hour totals at all rain gages, sorted by jurisdiction, updated every 30 minutes
Rainfall Values at All FCDMC Rain Gages 15-min., 1-hr., 3-hr., 6-hr., 24-hr & 72-hr rainfall values at all rain gages, updated every 15 minutes. Create a historic version of this report.
MSP Heavy Rainfall Forecast 24-hour heavy rainfall outlook for each of our forecast zones within Maricopa County

Historic Precipitation Data

Daily totals at all precipitation gages by month back to October 2010:
(See the Publications section for prior daily total summaries).


Past contoured rainfall maps by storm date:


Annual rainfall total maps by water-year:


Maximum period recorded rainfall amounts at stations with 10 or more years of record:


Rainfall History Documents (summary statistics and annual rainfall records) for each rain gage:


Compiled Data Products