Waste Disposal Information

  1. Physical Address
    2222 S. 27th Avenue
    Phoenix, AZ 85009

    Phone: 602-506-4006
    Fax: 602-506-8396

Visit our transfer stations page for a list of locations and maps. You may also look up what items we accept.

Green Waste & Composting

Residents can dispose of their yard waste at any of our 6 Recycling Centers. Mulching green organics diverts these compostable materials from our landfill and is healthy for our environment. Benefits of this project include reduced erosion on landfill surfaces and provide a vegetative cover on barren land surfaces to be established.

Learn how you can help us divert green organics from our landfill, before your visit.

Prior to Your Visit:

  • Separate your green organic material (minus palm fronds and oleanders) from non-organic material.
  • Separate the green organics from any food or garbage.
  • If you're transporting green organics and garbage in the same trailer/vehicle, please keep the garbage in plastic bags to prevent contamination.
Once you arrive, notify the attendant that you have "clean green organics."

Used Oil/Antifreeze

You can drop off your used oil/antifreeze at any of our 6 locations for free (5 gallons max) or check with local automobile maintenance facilities, automotive parts stores to see when and where you can drop off your used oil for recycling.