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UPDATE FOR ALL SHELTER VISITORS: Effective Wednesday, August 4 - Masks will be required for all employees and visitors, regardless of vaccination status, inside all county buildings. This aligns with the CDC and ADHS guidance which recommends mask use for all people in public indoor settings in areas of substantial and high transmission of COVID-19 and the Delta variant.

PLEASE NOTE:  For the health and safety of your pets and ours, personal pets are NOT permitted inside the County shelter.

We are closed Thursday, November 25th and will reopen 
Friday, November 26th for Adoptions Only at 11 am - 3 pm.



Includes spay/neuter, licensing fee, microchip, and vaccinations.

Adoptions are currently offered seven days a week and at our West and East Shelter. Location and hours.
We have suspended dog-to-dog introductions until further notice. 

*Please note: We have a limited number of pets (dogs only) at our East Shelter. You can search what pets are available by visiting the adoptable pets website and use the top right search function by typing in "East". See example below.

Make the most of your visit - follow these steps in advance:

  1. Check out our available pets online. Our population changes every few minutes, so for best results, check the website an hour before coming in to view current animal availability.
  2. Write down the A# for the animal(s) you want to meet. To maximize our life saving efforts and ensure animals spend as little time as possible at the shelter, we cannot hold any pets. Please review all requirements and recommendations on the pets you have selected. For instance, some dogs require that the entire family be present for a meet and greet, or no small pets in the home.
  3. Review our additional adoption information and options below. There are several ways to bring a shelter pet into your family and these resources will help you to find your perfect fit.
  1. Adoptable Pets Website
  2. Included with the Adoption
  3. Pre-Selection Program
  4. Pets for Heroes Program

Please use MCACC's Adoptable Pets Web Page with Search and PDF Functions to look for your new furry best friend! This website automatically updates as our animal population changes throughout the day so the shelter pets you are looking at right now may not be available by the time of your appointment.

You can search page by page through our adoptable pets to find your perfect match or you can use the search functionality by using any or all of the filters to refine your search:

  • Any Type - select dog or cat
  • Any Age - select preferred age range
  • Any Gender - select male or female
  • Any Size - select preferred size
  • Any Breed - select preferred breed type
  • By Animal ID/Name - search by specific animal ID or name

Once you have selected the pet(s) you are interested in, click on their pictures for more detailed information including the "Download PDF" button to save or print the notes on that dog or cat.