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Public health emergencies are unpredictable. Disease Epidemics, Extreme WeatherBioterrorism, outbreaks of new viruses and unpredictable patterns of spread are all challenges we face in emergency public health.

Maricopa County Department of Public Health is the primary agency responsible for protecting the health and wellness of residents and visitors during a public health emergency. In order to meet this critical role, the department created the Office of Preparedness and Response. Together with agencies from local communities, state, tribal and federal partners, and the healthcare systems MCDPH prepares for the unexpected.

  • We create emergency operating plans that guide response to public health emergenciesbio sign
  • Develop and maintain partnerships with the healthcare community, government agencies and private business
  • We test our plans through drills and exercises
  • We coordinate and operate sites that will serve as emergency points of dispensing (PODs) where we will hand out life-saving medication during a large public health emergency 
  • We recruit and train volunteers to assist in a public health emergency. To join our Medical Reserve Corps volunteer program to assist in a Public Health emergency, JOIN HERE.
  1. Office of Preparedness & Response

    Physical Address
    4041 N Central Avenue
    Phoenix, AZ 85012