Do I Need an Air Permit?

Regulated Pollutants

A permit is required for a stationary source that emits or has the maximum capacity to emit regulated air pollutants in an amount greater than or equal to the following permitting thresholds:
Pollutant Maximum Capacity
to Emit
Emission Rate in
Tons per Year (TPY)
PM2.5 0.5
PM10 0.5
SO2 1.0
NOx 1.0
VOC 0.5
CO 1.0
Pb 0.3
Single HAP (other than Pb)
Total HAPs
Any other regulated air pollutant

Business Assistance

Contact the Maricopa County Air Quality Department Business Assistance Office at 602-506-5102 to find out if you need an air quality permit or for help in completing a permit application package.

Any business, regardless of size, may contact the Business Assistance Office technical guidance, permitting requirements, air toxics issues, maximum achievable control technology (MACT) rules, reasonably available control technology (RACT) and best available control technology (BACT) requirements, operation and maintenance (O&M) plans and other technical topics.