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You can be a hero by fostering one of our homeless animals! There are many different kinds of fostering:

  • Medical
  • Behavioral
  • Day foster
  • Short- and long-term fostering
  • Foster until adopted

Just One Dog, Just One Life

The shelter’s newest enhanced foster program, Just One Dog, Just One Life, aims to empower residents into taking a dog into their homes and finding the best match. Dogs eligible for fostering include those dogs who have been at the shelter more than seven days, dogs who weigh 35 pounds or more, and are already altered and vaccinated.

Easy, Fast Foster Application!

To become a foster parent, simply fill out this online application, then you'll receive an automated email with a link to a video; after reviewing the video, you'll be asked to take a quick foster knowledge quiz (linked from video) and then we will contact you.

Contact Us

Questions about becoming a foster parent? Call our Foster Coordinator at 602-372-1158.

Medical Fostering

Want to foster an animal in need who has some medical issues? To become a foster parent, simply fill out the online application. You will be sent an email with a link to a video and after you take the foster knowledge quiz (linked from video, we will contact you.

Become an MCACC Day Foster

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