Partnerships & Coalitions


Maricopa County Department of Public Health (MCDPH) regularly partners with non-profit organizations, local governments, schools, and other groups to leverage our combined resources into greater service for the community. Many of these partnerships exist as part of coalitions and community groups focused on specific audiences or outcomes.

Arizona Alliance for Livable Communities (AALC)

The mission of the Arizona Alliance for Livable Communities (AALC) is to educate, engage, and encourage communities and decision makers to transform cities and towns in ways that improve health, livability, and well-being. Maricopa County Public Health works to achieve these outcomes with professionals from the fields of community planning, land use, conservation, community health, transportation, and public policy.

Collective STEP for Youth

Collective STEP provides professional development, capacity-building services, networking, and more to organizations that promote adolescent well-being. In addition to promoting adolescent well-being, the group works to reduce teen pregnancy. They work towards these aims by increasing “protective factors” that build up adolescents and reducing “risk factors” that are proven to jeopardize youth and their futures.

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Health Improvement Partnership of Maricopa County (HIPMC)

HIPMC connects organizations that are working towards achieving the 5-year Community Health Improvement Plan. Member organizations leverage their individual and combined strengths to reduce health disparities, improve health equity, and improve the overall health and resources of Maricopa County residents.

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Safe Kids Coalition of Maricopa County

Accidental injury is a leading cause of death in children 14 and under. The Safe Kids Coalition of Maricopa County aims to prevent accidental childhood injury. The local coalition, a branch of the national Safe Kids organization, was established as a non-profit organization in 1994 and comprises members from fire departments, police departments, hospitals, health departments, and other agencies throughout the county.

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