Housing Authority of Maricopa County Advisory Committee


The mission of the Housing Authority of Maricopa County is to improve the quality of life of families and strengthen communities by developing and sustaining affordable housing programs; and to become a leading housing authority by exemplifying best practices, offering innovative affordable housing programs, and expanding accessibility throughout Maricopa County.


  • 3rd Tuesday of Each Month
  • Decembers Off
  • Housing Authority of Maricopa County
  • 8910 N 78th Avenue, Building D, Peoria, AZ 85345

Current Members

Representation Member Current Term
District 1 Kathy Di Nolfi 07/01/2019 - 06/30/2021
District 2 Vacant  
District 3 Jake Hinman 07/01/2019 - 06/30/2021
District 4 Lillian Mickey Lund 07/01/2018 - 06/30/2020
District 5 Gina Ramos Montes 07/01/2019 - 06/30/2021
County Manager Appointee Kurt Sheppard 07/01/2018 - 06/30/2020
County Manager Appointee Amy Schwabenlender 07/01/2019 - 06/30/2021
Resident Member Rachel Springer 07/01/2017 - 06/30/2019
Resident Member Flora Simmons 07/01/2018 - 06/30/2020
Non-Voting Member Rachel Milne, Maricopa County ​
​Human Services Department
07/01/2018 - 06/30/2020
  1. Member Qualifications
  2. Duties & Powers
  3. Formation Authority

Member Qualifications

Bylaws, Article II, Section 1

The Advisory Committee shall be comprised of at least 8, but not more than 10 members, including the following:
  • Each member of the Housing Authority Board of Commissioners shall appoint 1 member
  • the Maricopa County Manager shall appoint at least 1, but not more than 2 members
  • the Housing Authority Board of Commissioners shall appoint at least 1 but not more than 2 eligible resident committee members who must be:
    1. Category 1: A Housing Authority public housing resident and/or
    2. Category 2: A Housing Authority Section 8 recipient in good standing as required by federal law
If only 1 eligible resident member is appointed, the member may represent either Category 1 or Category 2. If 2 eligible residents are appointed, there must be 1 from each Category.

In addition, there shall be 1 non-voting member appointed by the County Manager who is a current Maricopa County employee who administers CDBG/HOME grants. Appointed members must be formally appointed to the Advisory Committee by the Board of Commissioners.
  1. Irma Hollamby

    Housing Authority of Maricopa County
    Phone: 602-744-4541

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