FY17 - FY20 Department Goals

1. Increase the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Service Delivery 
  • Review Priorities, Set Targets, and Identify Resource Needs 
  • Assess Access to and Delivery of HSD Services
  • Survey Customer Satisfaction
  • Determine Impact, Cost Benefit, and Return on Investment

2. Provide Leadership for a Coordinated Human Services System in Maricopa County 
  • Identify Opportunities and Propose Solutions
  • Convene Entities with Common Goals to Enhance Coordination
  • Establish Partnerships to Facilitate Access to Services Regionally

3. Expand Whole Family Approaches to Improve Impacts and Outcomes 
  • Review Existing Family Focused Strategies
  • Identify Two Generational (2 Gen) Best Practices
  • Develop, Pilot, and Implement Innovative 2 Gen Approaches

4. Utilize Management Principles to Guide Organizational Practices
  • Regularly Measure Key Indicators of Engagement
  • Implement Targeted Engagement Plans to Sustain Employee Engagement
  • Create Standards and Organize Training for Supervisors
  • Implement Key Professional Development Strategies