Smart Justice

Over half of the County’s budget is committed to the public safety and judicial needs of its residents. Maricopa County’s consistent approach to criminal justice has reduced overall, violent, and property crime rates to historic lows, and kept them low over time. Incarcerating the right offenders, violent and repeat offenders, has been a critical component of Maricopa County’s criminal justice success story.

Smart Justice involves criminal justice partners that are individually and collaboratively promoting evidence-based practices to reduce recidivism and to promote long-term public safety and cost effectiveness. Smart Justice addresses the most important criminal justice priorities, such as long-term public safety, reducing recidivism, and preventing victimization.

Smart Justice focuses on targeting limited County resources. Individuals who are moderate-to-high risk of committing new offenses are targeted for treatment and interventions that are effective in reducing criminal behavior. For low-risk offenders, enhancing diversion and providing access to support networks such as family and employment assists in reducing recidivism.

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