County Government Month

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has declared April “County Government Month.” It’s a chance for us to highlight what we do and how it impacts your life. Maricopa County is home to more than four million people in an area nearly the size of Vermont. We are the nation’s 4th largest county in terms of population and the fastest-growing as of 2016. Our government consists of an elected Board of Supervisors, an appointed County Manager, and more than 13,000 employees. We have dozens of departments working together to manage public safety, transportation, health, parks, education, and more.

Our mission is the provide regional leadership and fiscally responsible, necessary public services so that residents can enjoy living in a healthy and safe community. We look forward to sharing our story over the next month and we thank Governor Ducey for the opportunity to highlight the way in which we serve.

During National County Government Month, our goal is to educate our residents about our county programs, services, and responsibilities. It's our opportunity to illustrate that Counties Matter.