Safe Sleep

Alone. Back. Crib.

These are the ABCs of safe sleep for infants. In Maricopa County, 1 in 4 infant deaths could have been prevented by practicing these ABCs. 

It's easy to think "just this once" about sleeping with your baby when you're tired, about laying them down on their stomach, or about letting them nap anywhere but a crib or bassinet. 

It takes just once and can happen to anyone, as the video below shows. 
ABCs of safe sleep: Alone, Back, Crib
Alone. Back. Crib.

This must happen every time to keep the baby safe. Mothers, fathers, grandparents, babysitters-- everyone who takes care of an infant, even just for an afternoon, needs to know these critical steps to helping your baby sleep and wake safely.

Resources, tip sheets, videos, and more can help you make sure that everyone who takes care of baby is aware of how to help baby sleep safely.