Thank you for considering Maricopa County Animal Care and Control for your next group volunteering or off-site event! We have hosted groups for a variety of projects including animal enrichment and socialization, shelter improvement, structure development, and more! We also offer a limited number of off-site events.

Before Submitting an Event Request

Important pre-event consideration:

  1. Our capacity to host groups on-site or offer off-site events is limited and is dependent on staff availability to coordinate resources necessary for request.
  2. Due to the extreme heat, and an increase in animal intakes, we do not host on-site or offer off-site events during the months of April through September.
  3. We ask for a minimum of 45 days advance notice for each event to allow enough time to plan and execute a successful event.
  4. We generally have more availability to host groups during the work-week mornings and mid-afternoons, though we can typically only host one group per month at each shelter.
  5. Individuals participating should be at least 16-years-old and wear appropriate clothing and foot ware, sturdy pants and closed toed and closed back shoes. Any groups wanting to participate with minors ages 10-15 years of age, there must be one adult for every three minors. Parental/legal guardian consent forms must be signed and submitted PRIOR to event day.
  6. We offer a limited number of off-site opportunities for adoptions, awareness or information (licensing and pet safety). We ask businesses or groups to market these events and to consider a donation to the shelter or incentive to the participants for greater success and to help off-set the costs associated with the event.
  7. We have been able to accommodate larger groups or more intensive projects/events via a wonderful nonprofit partner, HandsOn Greater Phoenix.

Submit a Request

Please fill out our online Event Request form. Our Events Leadership staff meets every two weeks to review new submissions. Incomplete or unspecific submissions will not be considered.