Capital Improvement Program

Capital Improvement Projects

The District primarily accomplishes structural flood hazard mitigation through its five-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) – the revolving funding plan for accomplishing capital projects. Guided by County strategic goals and objectives, the CIP drives design and construction of new infrastructure in conjunction with the District’s planning activities.

A CIP establishes a schedule and funding for each capital improvement project according to its priority, merit and need. Additionally, the CIP is to document planned District projects to help integrate District work with the larger community by aligning District planning with other local agency planning efforts.

Prioritization Process

The Prioritization Procedure promotes a balanced approach to the evaluation of proposed projects. The District attempts to identify and support flood control and regional drainage projects that not only provide long-term protection to individuals and property from flash floods and seasonal flooding, but that also promote community development, protect natural habitats and maintain watercourse flow paths. 

All newly proposed projects are evaluated according to predetermined and weighted criteria by a Project Evaluation Committee. These criteria are:

  1. Agency Funding Commitment and Priority
  2. Flood Control / Drainage Master Plan Element
  3. Flooding Threat
  4. Level of Protection
  5. Area Protected
  6. Ancillary Benefits
  7. Level of Partner(s) Participation
  8. Operations and Maintenance Costs to the District

Capital Improvement Project Documents

Capital Improvement Book 2021-2025
Letter of Intent