COVID-19 Vaccine - Providers and Partners

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Vaccine Providers

Any organization or provider that wants to provide vaccination will need to enroll as a COVID-19 vaccine provider and meet certain enrollment requirements such as demonstrating that they can administer the vaccine safely and meet vaccine storage and reporting requirements.

If you have questions, Contact Us.

Additional Resources for Vaccine Information



Johnson and Johnson

CDC Vaccination Toolkit (social media, printables)

ADA Recommendations for Vaccination Sites (PDF)

Long-term Care Facilities

Major pharmacies will vaccinate long-term care staff and residents through a federal pharmacy program. Only facilities that are not enrolled with Walgreens or CVS are eligible for the Maricopa County program, regardless of facility type.

  • Confirm your facility’s registration by using these lists:
  • Facilities that are not part of the pharmacy program can submit their information to MCDPH to request alternative support for vaccinating staff and residents.
  • If you registered your facility but do not see it on either list:
    • The Maricopa County list contains only facilities that registered through last week. If you registered this week, please check back next week.
    • The Maricopa County list does not yet contain behavioral health facilities or facilities not licensed by ADHS. We are working to add those.
    • The Federal Pharmacy list was provided to us directly by ADHS. MCDPH is not the final arbiter of this list. If you have any questions about your status with respect to the Federal Pharmacy Program, please refer to the information in our FAQ.

Eligible Facilities for Phase 1A

  • skilled nursing facilities
  • nursing homes
  • intermediate care facilities for individuals with developmental disabilities
  • assisted living facilities (residential long-term care facilities assisting and supervising primarily elderly residents in daily living activities and independent living skills)
  • assisted living facilities where independent living residents share a physical hallway with assisted living residents *
  • licensed adult foster care homes
  • DES group homes
  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly Program
  • Independent living residents of CCRCs whose assisted living/memory care facilities are co-located and enrolled in the Maricopa County program, if vaccine availability allows *

Ineligible Facilities for Phase 1A

  • Private individual homes (i.e., not a congregate living facility)
  • adult day care facilities
  • standalone independent living facilities *
  • facilities exclusively for children or adolescents
  • psychiatric rehabilitation or behavioral treatment facilities
  • drug or alcohol rehabilitation centers
  • independent low-income housing (with the exception of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly Program, which is included)
  • domestic violence shelters
  • convents or churches
  • schools
  • correctional facilities
  • home health programs
  • facilities that do not have residents who want to be vaccinated

*Independent Living Vaccine Clinic Planning Tips (PDF 03/03/2021)  

Frequently Asked Questions

We are unable to provide a scheduled date to all 800+ facilities. We understand that it is difficult for families to remain patient. If we had unlimited vaccine, it would be different, but the amount of vaccine we receive varies unpredictably from week to week. We don’t want to schedule hundreds of facilities and then be forced to cancel.

Currently our vaccination teams are contacting facilities about 1-2 weeks in advance, in order to allow enough time to obtain consent and complete paperwork prior to the vaccination date.

No, there is nothing else that you need to do.

  1. Once facilities register online, they go through a “vetting” process where we confirm eligibility for Phase 1A, check to make sure there is no missing information, and also check to make sure it isn’t a duplicate entry.
  2. After verification, the information is forwarded to our pool of vaccination partner teams to be scheduled.
  3. Each vaccination team is responsible for their own scheduling and paperwork. They will contact you when they know they have sufficient staff and sufficient vaccine, about 1-2 weeks in advance of your date. They will also confirm the numbers of residents and staff and talk you through the rest of the process when they call to set up a date.

No. We understand that it’s difficult to wait. However, facilities should NOT sign up repeatedly.

Because our vaccination teams are trying to get to those who have been waiting the longest, signing up repeatedly provides you with no advantage – we consider the first date registered.

No. The Maricopa County program is designed to assist only those facilities who did not register with the Federal Pharmacy Program.

If your facility previously registered for the CDC Pharmacy Partnership for Long-term Care Program with CVS and Walgreens, but has been notified your facility is ineligible for vaccination coverage:

  • Please visit the CDC website to review eligibility requirements HERE.
  • After reviewing the requirements, if you still believe that your facility meets the eligibility requirements of the program, but you have been unable to schedule a vaccination clinic with CVS or Walgreens, please contact

If you are unsure whether your facility previously registered for the CDC Pharmacy Partnership for Long-term Care Program with CVS and Walgreens or unsure if your facility is enrolled in the Federal CDC Partnership:

If your facility did not previously register for the CDC Pharmacy Partnership for Long-term Care Program with CVS and Walgreens:

  • We encourage you to sign up with Maricopa County Vaccination Program for Long-term Care and Residential facilities using the link above.

We recommend that residents of independent living facilities not co-located with higher levels of care seek vaccination at one of the locations offering vaccine to prioritized 75+ individuals and individuals ages 55-74.

Independent living organizations may also work with a provider or collaborate with other nearby agencies to host their own event.  See Independent Living Vaccine Clinic Planning Tips (PDF 03/03/2021) for more info.

Community Partners in Vaccine Delivery

Community-based vaccine delivery partners can include healthcare systems, community health clinics, long term care facilities, cities and towns, essential and critical infrastructure employers, and organizations serving high-risk populations, such as older adults, people experiencing homelessness, and people who are incarcerated. 

Community-based vaccination events are offered based upon availability of vaccine, vaccination provider, and host location. Organizations interested in hosting an event location can fill out a form to indicate interest.

What happens at a vaccination event? Watch these videos to see our community partners in action vaccinating those at highest-risk for exposure and/or severe illness from COVID-19.
[VIDEO] K-12 School/Childcare Workers at Cesar Chavez H.S.
[VIDEO] Guadalupe Senior Housing Event
[VIDEO] Deer Valley Unified K-12 School/Childcare Workers Vaccination Event

Medical and Non-Medical Volunteers

The Maricopa County Department of Public Health Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is recruiting volunteers to assist with the administration of COVID-19 vaccine to our community alongside our community health partners. If you are medically certified to provide routine vaccinations (RN, MD, EMT, Paramedic, etc) with a current license in good-standing, and would like to assist in this great community effort, we would love to hear from you. Non-medical volunteers are also needed to assist with registration and event operation tasks. Processing times for non-medical volunteerapplications may take several weeks due to the high volume of registrations received. Register to volunteer.

If you have questions about volunteering or need further assistance please contact 602-506-6767 or email

Still Have Questions?

If you have questions, please submit your question here or call us at 602-506-6767.