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Volunteer Services Application

  1. Volunteer Requirements
    All fields are required
  2. Are you over the age of 18?*
  3. Do you have a valid driver's license?*
    (Note – a driver’s license is only required for Investigations volunteers)
  4. Do you have (or are you willing to obtain) immunization documentation for Tetanus (within ten years) and Hep B? *
  5. Do you have (or are you willing to obtain) TB testing within the past year? *
  6. Do you have (or are you willing to obtain) authorization from a healthcare provider to wear an N95 respirator? *
  7. Volunteer Interests/Experience
  8. How many credit hours are needed:
  9. Are you bilingual?
  10. What areas of the Office of the Medical Examiner are you interested in volunteering?
  11. EXAMINATIONS: working alongside our Forensic Technicians during autopsy (shifts start at 7:00 am any day of the week and end at 2:30 pm).
  12. INVESTIGATIONS: working alongside our Medicolegal Death Investigators, who respond to scenes, take scene calls, collect evidence and follow up on necessary information related to the death. May assist in Admitting as needed.
  13. ADMITTING: working alongside our Case Information Specialists, who admit and release decedents and take incoming scene calls (shifts start mid-late morning and end early evening any day of the week).
  14. IDENTIFICATION: working alongside our Community Liaison to coordinate identification efforts and speak with the families (educational background in a similar field is strongly preferred, availability of multiple days required, shifts Mon-Fri).
  15. If Investigations was selected, which shift(s) is/are preferred?
  16. If you have indicated interest in more than one area, please indicate your first choice/preference:
  17. If you begin volunteering in your preferred area, would you like to be kept on the waitlist for other areas?
  18. Volunteer Availability
  19. Your application will be considered in the order that it is received and pending a shift that meets your availability. Volunteer positions often have a lengthy waitlist, however, you will be contacted to discuss your application when an opening is available. Only one application needs to be submitted for consideration, unless you would like to change your availability. Thank you for your patience and interest in our office.
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